Why Hardwood Floors so Popular

Many people know that hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring types, but not everyone knows why. These long-lasting, beautiful floors offer many benefits compared to other flooring types. In general, hardwood flooring is: 

  • Less expensive to maintain than other flooring types
  • Long-lasting
  • An addition to the value of a home or property 
  • Stylish and eye-catching
  • Richly-colored
  • Affordable
  • And more

At Remnant King Carpets, we understand that you have a choice when it comes to quality flooring material, and we want to help you make the best one. In this blog, we talk about why hardwood floors are so popular, from stylish interior design possibilities to durability. For more questions about quality flooring solutions, reach out to our team today. 

why hardwood flooring

Hardwood Floors – Style 

The main selling point for hardwood floors is the luxurious, timeless aesthetic these floors provide for an indoor space. Available in a wide variety of grains, stains, and flooring patterns, hardwood can take any room’s atmosphere to the next level. 

Hardwood Floors – Strong and Durable

Hardwood flooring is also incredibly durable. When properly maintained, hardwood floors are resistant to scuffs and nicks from furniture, stains, and other common problems.  Even when damaged, most hardwood floors can still be repaired, sanded, and refinished, returning them to a rich color and vibrant shine. 

Hardwood Floors – Life

Due to their ability to be repaired and refinished, hardwood floors can last a lifetime, or even through multiple generations of property owners. If you’re considering passing your home or business down through the family, hardwood floors are a responsible investment in the life and value of your property. 

Hardwood Floors – Easy To Clean 

Another reason why hardwood floors are so popular is that they’re easier to clean than many other flooring types. Skip expensive cleaning chemicals and machinery, and opt for flooring that can be easily cleaned, treated, and maintained with basic supplies. 

If you’re restoring a hardwood floor, you can rest easy knowing that restoration is a good investment. Once properly restored, regular, easy maintenance is all you need to keep the hardwood looking good as new. 

Hardwood Floors – Color Doesn’t Fade 

One of the best aspects of hardwood floors is their vibrancy. No matter which of the most popular hardwood floor colors you choose, from rich mahogany or a vibrant pine, you can depend on your floors maintaining the shade you love for longer. Stain-resistance and moisture protection, built into the floor’s sealant coats, is why hardwood floors beat out the competition. 

Hardwood Floors – Cost-Effective

From installation through years of maintenance, hardwood floors have proven to be more cost-effective than other flooring types. This value is due to hardwood’s durability, color, long life, and more. If you’re considering investing in a new floor for your home or business, speak to an expert about the cost of a new hardwood floor before making your choice. 


In conclusion, there are many reasons why hardwood floors are so popular. To learn more about your flooring options, reach out to Remnant King Carpets today