Where and How to Buy Quality Seattle Carpet Remnants

Using carpet remnants for your floors is a smart choice. Not only can they add great color, style, and warmth to a room, but they are also much less expensive than buying carpet off the roll. Whether you’re planning to carpet a whole room, or just looking for pieces to use in an area rug, remnants of carpet can be incredibly useful. The only trick is finding them.

seattle carpet remnants

When setting off on a search for quality pieces of carpet remnants in Seattle, there are some tips, tricks, and information that can make the process faster and simpler.

1. Find a Quality Carpet Location

If a flooring business is known for having a wide selection of great carpets, there’s a good chance they will also have an impressive collection of carpet remnants for you to see. The experienced staff at these locations can help to answer your questions and provide you with information about the remnants you’re considering.

Most carpet stores selling remnants are thrilled to be getting rid of these unnecessary pieces, so you can get quality carpets for a great bargain. At Remnant King Carpet, we stock a variety of quality carpet remnants at great, affordable prices.

2. Proper Care and Maintenance

Remnant carpets are quality pieces of flooring that should be stored and handled with care and concern. Pieces that are not handled or stored appropriately, or that have become too aged and worn, will not make your home any more comfortable or beautiful. Avoid remnants that look old, dirty, dry, or faded. These pieces will not be worth your money or effort and probably will not hold out for any extensive length of time.

3. Workable Size

Carpet remnants come in all shapes and sizes. The shapes and sizes of remnants needed to create area rugs tends to vary, but if you’re planning on carpeting a room, it is best to look for a remnant that will cover the whole space. Carpet remnants are usually either the last sections of a larger role that couldn’t be sold at wholesale price or the last of a style of carpet that is no longer sold at that location. These two factors can make it difficult to find matching carpet to complete the flooring job if the original remnant is not large enough.

With this in mind, it is important to find a carpet remnant that is large enough for what you need. Don’t assume you can find more of it somewhere else.

4. Handles the Traffic

Different kinds of carpet work best in different places. If you’re looking to install remnant carpet in an area of  your home that experiences heavy traffic, consider the kinds of carpet that will work best in that location. Most carpet remnants do not come with a warranty, so any kind of damage that your carpet experiences won’t be covered. A good piece of remnant carpet is one that will enhance its environment for years on end without showing signs of wear or damage.

5. Spend Extra for Quality

Carpets remnants are known for being the ideal way to save big on new flooring. But just with any kind of flooring, quality comes at a higher cost. If you’re looking at a quality remnant that costs a little more than other pieces that you’ve seen, it may be well worth the extra money. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you can still save big by buying carpet remnants while guaranteeing that you get quality pieces that will last you for years to come.

If you’re reading to start the hunt for quality carpet remnants in the Seattle, Everett, or Ballard areas, stop in at Remnant King Carpet to view our selection. We sell a variety of quality carpets, and with these carpets comes a wide selection of beautiful remnants.

Whether you’re looking to carpet a room or have an area rug made, our staff at our Everett or Ballard locations can answer any of your questions so that you can make an informed decision and select the perfect remnant for your project. For more information, feel free to contact us by giving us a call or filling out the contact form on the right.

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