What Makes a Good Carpet Floor?

Several things go into making a good carpet for your floor. A good carpet, for one thing, fulfills the needs of a household. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a silk carpet for a floor that gets a lot of traffic and is exposed to a great deal of sunlight. The perfect carpet is not only beautiful and feels good to walk on and insulates the room but is durable, is easy to clean, crush-resistant, resists mold, mildew, and insects, and can be installed anywhere in the home.

Before it’s laid, you should make sure that the carpet floor is padded. Padding prolongs a carpet’s life and gives extra insulation to the room. Padding can be made of rubber or felt, but rubber shouldn’t be used over radiant heated floors. Felt shouldn’t be used in areas with high humidity.

carpet floor

Laying a carpet is usually easy, especially for professionals like the ones who work for Remnant King Carpets. Professionals not only have experience in laying carpet but always know to use the right tools, like staple hammers, power stretchers, strip cutters, steaming irons, knee kickers and other carpentry tools.

When a carpet floor is installed, all the furniture and the baseboard moldings need to be removed from the room and the floor needs to be level, either by filling it in with wood compound or flattening out bumps. Then, the tack-less strips, the carpet pad, and the carpet are laid down.

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