What Is a Good Price For Carpet

What Is A Good Price For Carpet? A Carpet Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a new carpet? Are you wondering how much you should spend? What is a good price for carpet?

These are questions that many people ask themselves when buying a carpet, and yet, answers are hard to find. The reason is that the carpets’ prices vary from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000.

To give you a guideline and an insight into carpet prices, we have put together this helpful post to gain basic knowledge of the costs and what factors you should consider before your purchase.

good price for carpet

Please note that some carpet dealers price by the square foot while others price by the square yard. This can be confusing. You will need to remember that nine square feet are in one square yard, so multiply or divide accordingly.

The Different Types of Carpets

Carpet costs may vary based on the texture, pile depth, material, weaves, the brand, and the colors.

For this reason, we divide carpets into three groups: low-budget, mid-range, and high-quality (or luxury) carpets.

Low-Budget Carpets


There is nothing wrong with buying low-budget carpets. You can find some pretty nice ones if you shop around. If you plan to install a new carpet in your kitchen or bathroom (i.e., places that aren’t so visible), be sure to consider the low-budget options that cost around $10 per square yard.

Depending on where you purchase the carpet, you may find a great one without breaking the bank.

Mid-Range Carpets


If you are looking to buy a carpet for a bedroom or living room, consider mid-range rugs. These carpets tend to cost from $15-$25 per square yard. If the pricing for carpet doesn’t suit you, you can always dig around to find yourself a lower price or wait for a sale to buy on at a discount.

Compared to low-budget rugs, these mid-level carpets look and feel nicer, are made from better-quality materials, and have a longer life span. Most mid-range carpets come with a manufacturer warranty, which is also an advantage.

High-Quality (Luxury) Carpets


If your budget allows, you might want to take a look at the premium, top-of-the-line carpets. The carpet pricing in this range starts around $35 per square yard. These are the best of the best in the carpet world, and they guarantee to provide the ultimate comfort, luxury, and warmth to your home. Made of high-quality materials, they do justify the high price.

Luxury carpets are a perfect option for those looking for a rug with great aesthetics and sophisticated appearance. They will certainly impress you and your guests.

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Carpet Style: Everything You Need to Know

Carpets consist of a base, or backing, and synthetic or natural fiber. While many factors determine the average price of carpet per square yard (or square foot), the material used is probably one of the most important ones.

Here are some of the most common carpet styles.

Cut Style

If you are looking for the most popular styles, cut is one of them. The name implies that the fiber is clipped (sheared) at the top, which creates a soft and pleasant feeling. Cut-style carpets range in price between $15-20 per square yard.

Twist Style

Twist carpets are another popular choice for homeowners. The fiber is modern and stylish, and it feels comfortable underfoot. The fibers’ twist refers to the number of times the fiber has been twisted per inch, also known as TPI. The higher the TPI, the better the quality of the carpet. Wool twist carpets range between $20-$25 per square yard.

Saxony Style

Similar to twist-style carpets, Saxony carpets have soft fibers, trimmed on the backing. They not only look nice but also produce a luxurious feeling when walking over the rug. Most people purchase Saxony style carpets for living rooms and bedrooms. The price range varies from $20-$35 per square yard.

Loop Style

One of the many benefits of loop-style carpets is that they are perfect for multi-tonal applications. They are soft, made of high-quality fibers, and are incredibly durable. You will notice them by the way the fibers stand up in circles. While they look stylish and are super comfortable, they aren’t too suitable for pets. Pet owners should avoid loop carpets because dog or cat claws may quickly get snagged in the loops. Depending on the material, loop carpets range in price from $10-$45 per square yard.

Berber Style

Berber style is a mix of twist and loop style. This carpet type is highly resistant to stains, making it the perfect choice for kitchen and dining areas. Berbers also have a stylish appearance, making them a good choice for halls and reception areas. A Berber-style carpet made of a cheaper material starts from $10 per square yard. Those made of a durable, high-quality material cost up to $30 per square yard.

Velvet Style

Velvet carpets are probably some of the softest kinds around, making them a perfect choice for the bedroom or lounge area. The softness and classy appeal exact their toll, meaning that velvet carpets are more expensive than others, even when made from synthetic materials. Carpet prices per yard start from $30-$40.

The final carpet price may vary depending on the material used (multiply these by 9 to calculate square yard pricing):

  • Cotton carpeting costs from $6-$7 per square foot
  • Nylon carpets cost from $2-$5 per square foot
  • Polyester carpeting costs from $1-$3 per square foot
  • Polypropylene carpets cost from $1-$3 per square foot
  • Sisal carpets range from $5-$15 per square foot
  • Wool carpeting averages $4-$20 per square foot

Carpet Installation Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Install Carpeting?

“How much does carpet cost?” is a common question among homeowners. As you can see, different factors affect the final price – the style, material, pile depth, brand name, and more. Another common question is, “What’s the average price to install carpeting?”

Based on the numbers available, the average carpet installation cost varies between $2 and $4 per square foot. Pricing depends on the carpet style, size and shape of the room, removal of old carpentry, and more. The smaller the area you need to be carpeted, the higher the installation prices per square foot.

If you require any further assistance on carpet prices, please feel free to give us a call.

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