What Floors Were Popular in 2018?

While bamboo flooring was everywhere this year, there were multiple flooring materials, colors, and patterns that gained appreciation this year among consumers. At Remnant King Carpet, we noticed an increase in demand for these styles. If you’re in the market for a new floor, look for these trends to remain strong in 2019 and beyond.

Trending flooring for 2018

Traditional Black and White

Classic black and white tiles are making a comeback in a big way. While some customers opted for the timeless diagonal set tiles in their kitchens and bathrooms, others got creative with placement to change the look of the design. We’ve seen white borders, black borders, and a mix of sizes in the tiles laid to create one-of-a-kind looks on floors. For a truly retro look, consider the use of mosaic black and white tiles in your bathrooms or entryways. They’re available in round, square, and hexagon and can be laid in an assortment of arrangements.

Black and white tiles compliment a variety of colors yet lend a punch of panache to your area. Customers respond to the idea that they’re familiar and will never go out of style. If you’re seeking to add old-world charm with a contemporary twist, you might want to look a little harder into the design options black and white tiles allow.


Distressed Wood and Concrete Tiles

When it comes to wood, whether it’s natural wood or laminate, customers are selecting products that emulate the warm, lived in look of older woods. Reclaimed wood has long been a forerunner in desirability, but it’s high price tag and labor costs often made it out of reach.

Laminate, newly manufactured, and concrete floors are now being produced that provide the look of reclaimed floors. Bleached, blanched, distressed, and with a matte or low-shine finish, these flooring options are a beautiful choice for your home. Not only are they easier to clean and hide dirt better than high-shine wood floors, but they also provide your living space with a warm, rustic charm.

Concrete tiles are still going strong in the flooring industry since they broke out with the encaustic designs that became popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Now available in a range of colors, sizes, and styles, concrete tiles are a durable and attractive option for almost any floor.


Textured Tiles

Whether it’s convincing stone, brick, or wood tile for the floor, or abstract designs for the walls, textured tile is emerging as a competitor to the more traditional smooth surface and high gloss finish that has dominated the design world for decades.

Textured tiles can be utilized to produce any design from contemporary to traditional and are finding use in every surface in the home. They present both a cost-effective alternative to natural stone floors and allow some function, along with design when used in high-slip areas such as showers and bathrooms.

If you’re not sure about an entire installation of textured tiles, they can be worked into a tile floor as a border accent or center design feature. Textured tiles present the perfect opportunity to add style and interest to the floor of your home.


Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles, while trendy, are not a new phenomenon. Architecturally speaking, they were very popular in the Victorian to Art-Deco era, when they were replaced by the more geometric designs that became popular.

Today they’re increasing in popularity for several reasons. They’re incredibly varied in texture, design, color, and application. They can be used on outdoor patios, walls, backsplashes, and flooring with favorable results depending on the tile material that is chosen. They can complement any decor and always make a statement in the room they are placed in.

Whether you choose muted designs or bright, cheerful colors, graphic tiles allow consumers to explore options in decorating and finishing that may not have been possible before without expensive mosaic cut-work.


Textured Carpets

When shag carpet was reborn a decade ago, it marked the beginning of a new era for carpeting. While for decades the design choice was flat, plush carpets, more designers are beginning to embrace texture options in their carpets, and the decorating world is responding.

Whether it’s a tight, close weave that emulates the natural textures of bamboo, sisal, and other woven materials or a decorate cut-pile that lends an artistic flair to your flooring, carpet is moving in on the designer floor options with exciting options. Some designers are combining the patterns with corresponding cut-piles, which brings a three-dimensional appearance to your floor.

If carpet has been on your ‘off’ list for choices, it’s worth a look at the new design options available. You might be surprised at how far carpet has come since the 1980’s wall-to-wall carpet became standard.


Final Thoughts

Remnant King Carpet, serving the Everett and greater Seattle area of Washington, does more than just carpets. We have the tile, laminate, wood, and installation at competitive prices. For information on our services or on how to choose the best flooring for your needs, view our blog for more helpful tips.

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