Top 5 Carpet Installation Mistakes

Carpet can be the unsung hero of a living space. While you spend your days treading on top of it, it can be hard to notice when it’s doing its job, but it is impossible to ignore when it doesn’t look good. Carpet installation is something that ought to be handled very diligently in order to make sure that the carpet serves to enhance the appearance of the home for years to come, and hold up under regular foot traffic.

carpet installation


Our Seattle carpet company has witnessed all kinds of old carpet disasters, and we have performed all the necessary steps in order to transform these situations into successful carpet installations. Here’s a few “Carpet Install Disasters” that you can avoid by using a professional Seattle carpet company.

Shedding Carpet

What’s the difference between a sheepdog and your carpet? Only the sheepdog should be shedding.

Some carpets, like a staple fiber carpet, will naturally shed for about 2 weeks to a month. This can easily be remedied by regular vacuuming while the carpet is new. If the carpet continues to shed, this can be bad news.

Make sure that you have a thorough conversation with our Seattle carpet company about the different types of carpet and find the right match for your space. Our professionals can complete the carpet installation to the top standard.

Ripples and Waves

Unlike the kind found at your local beach, ripples and waves are highly unwelcome and unbecoming to new carpet.

If you’ve got a carpet ripple or wave rising up, it’s a telltale sign that the installation may not have been done correctly. We want to help you avoid such an unsightly defect in your new carpet. Make sure that your carpet installation is handled by a top-rated team.

Carpet Snags on Stairs

Similar to your standard grade ripples and waves, a ripple on carpeted stairs can be just as hazardous as it is unsightly.

While any professional carpet installation should be completed without any ripples and bumps, it’s even more essential to make sure that this doesn’t occur on a staircase. Carpeted ripples jutting out of the stairs can be dangerous for those walking up and down them.

Low-Quality Carpet

Even when your budget is a major consideration, you never want to sacrifice quality on the type of carpet that you’re installing.

High-quality carpet has numerous valuable qualities, including longevity, good durability, and a vibrant look. Our Seattle carpet company is dedicated to providing a great selection, no matter your price range.

Stains on Carpet

Some types of carpet are more prone to stains than others, and it’s important to get all of your facts before laying down the carpet.

We are passionate about giving our customers all of the facts before choosing a carpet installation that suits their needs.

Carpet Perfected

If you’re looking to upgrade your carpet, our Seattle carpet company would love to be part of the process and help make sure that your carpet impresses for decades to come. Call us today and we’ll help you get started!

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