The Truth Under Wool Carpets: Costs, Maintenance, and Benefits

As a homeowner, choosing the right type of carpet is one of the most important decisions you will make. You need to choose a type of carpet that is durable, safe, and cost-effective in order to get more bang for your buck. Enter wool carpets. Wool carpets are made of natural fibers, and they offer an array of benefits that are suitable for almost any house.

Wool carpets are known for their comfort and longevity, but their benefits go way beyond that. From ease-to-clean to energy efficient, the benefits of wool carpets appeal to all home and business owners alike. At Remnant King Carpet, we have installed thousands of wool carpets, so we are very familiar with this popular choice. We put together a starter guide to help you decide if wool is the best carpet for you!

Wool Carpets

Benefits of Having Choosing Wool Carpet

Regardless of the size and style of your home, carpet is always an awesome idea. Wool carpet is one of the most common types of carpet, for very good reasons. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from installing wool carpets.

Sturdy and Durable

Wool carpets are made of natural fibres, and like most natural materials, they are very durable. Unlike other types, wool carpets maintain their texture for a very long time, so they suffer less wear and tear on the long run. Because wool has a natural curl, wool carpets offer an additional level of resistance, and maintain a very good appearance for years to come. Wool carpets don’t crush or deform easily, so you are not likely to suffer from flat or stretched carpets.

Fire Deterrent & Static Resistant

One of the best benefits of wool is that it’s naturally fire resistant. Wool carpets don’t melt, and they have a very slow ignition rate, so they make your house a safer place. This is the reason why airports, casinos, and other establishments always choose wool carpets.

Wool is also static resistant, and although it may seem like a trivial feature, it’s still a very important characteristic. Static electricity build up is usually released through the ground. In some cases, however, static can damage electrical gadgets, cause pain and discomfort, and even become a fire hazard when flammable materials are around. Wool is a natural fibre, so it has the ability to dissipate electrical charges efficiently.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Because they contain natural oils, wool carpets require very little maintenance in comparison with their synthetic counterparts. Wool carpets are naturally stain resistant, and although it doesn’t mean it won’t stain, you at least have a few additional seconds to clean up any accidental spillage. To keep your wool carpet in good shape, you just need to vacuum it regularly, and that alone should protect the fibers and extend your carpet’s lifespan by years.

Comfortable, Luxurious Feel

Wool carpet is also very popular in the PNW because it’s warm, comfortable, and luxurious. Wool is kind on your eyes and your feet, providing a smoother appearance and living experience.  In addition, wool carpets are fall-friendly, so if you or a family member was to trip and fall, wool would absorb most of the impact. Polyester carpets also offer high levels of comfort, but they crush easily. Wool carpets, on the other hand, maintain high comfort levels and last for years.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wool carpets give your floors a plush appearance, and if installed properly, they can make your living spaces look bigger. The natural fibers that makeup wool carpets are easy to dye, so they are available in all colors to match all decor styles. Not only are wool carpets durable, but they also hold up their physical appearance for a very long time. Wool carpet owners tend to say that wool wears gracefully!

Wool Carpets

Environmentally Friendly

Using natural, self-sustaining materials is more important than ever before. Wool comes from sheep, and when raised and bred correctly, they offer a sustainable option for your home. Another great reason to install wool carpets is that they are a “smart” fiber. In other words, they help you create a safer atmosphere in your home. Wool absorbs moisture when your indoor environment is saturated, and it releases the moisture once the atmosphere becomes dry.

Works as a Hypoallergenic

Allergies are believed to affect more than 50 million people in the U.S. alone, and they can create other health risks and difficulties. Wool carpets work as a natural hypoallergenic in your house, lowering the risks of asthma and other allergic diseases. Wool’s microscopic fibers trap allergens in the air and hold them until you vacuum your carpet. This reduces the amount of particles floating in the air, thus reducing the chances of any allergic reactions.

Adds an Extra Layer of Insulation

Although wool carpet alone is not enough to insulate a house, it does add an additional layer of insulation to your home. Wool carpets help create a cost-effective, healthy environment. They reduce the amount of airflow from your crawl space into the rest of your house, cutting energy consumption and utility bills. Although wool carpets are a hefty investment, their longevity and cost-effectiveness still make them the best option out there!

Disadvantages of Wool Carpets

Although wool carpets are a great idea, there are some setback you may want to consider when installing them in your house.

Cost of Wool Carpeting

Installing wool carpets is a big investment, which often discourages homeowners from installing them in their homes. However, if you take into account the durability of wool, the amount of money you save on utilities, and the low maintenance costs, wool can help you save money on the long run.

Placement Limitations

Because wool absorbs water, you must be careful not to install it in rooms with constant, high moisture levels. Bathrooms and other areas around your house may not be suitable, so ask your carpet professional about the best course of action.

Wool is a luxury carpet fiber that all homeowners should take into consideration when choosing a type of carpet for their homes. If you are interested in finding out if wool carpets are the best option for you, contact Remnant King Carpet today. Our team of carpet professionals can help you choose the best carpet color and type. You can reach us at 206.745.6242 or by filling out our online contact form. Get in touch with us today!

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