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    RV, Trailer, and Mobile Home Flooring

    Whether you’re a veteran RV enthusiast or you’ve only just purchased your first RV, chances are you have or will soon experience some sort of repair. Cracked windows, burst water lines, leaky faucets—RVs and trailers require a lot of upkeep—while a shiny, functional RV is always worth the effort, it’s a huge relief when an issue can be solved without stress. That’s why Remnant King Carpets specializes in full-service repair and replacement of RV flooring.

    RV, Trailer, and Mobile Home Flooring

    Why Do I Need New Flooring?

    There are many reasons why you might need new RV carpeting or flooring. Of course, one mustard stain or wine spill won’t ruin the whole floor, but there are some issues that will require carpet replacement. Here is a quick list of factors that may contribute to a need for new flooring.

    Old Carpet

    Old carpet is bad news. If you have purchased an older RV, the carpet may be worn thin, covered in stains, or even moldy. Replacing the carpeting is one of the first steps you should take in bring your RV up to date and ensure that the air quality and appearance are top notch.

    Water Damage

    Some of the most common RV mishaps involve water lines. With limited space, water gushing from a burst pipe will rapidly seep through the vehicle, damaging every inch of flooring. If you don’t want to deal with mold, mildew, decaying wood, or other water damage hassles down the road, take the time to replace the floor.

    Pet Stains or Smells

    Everyone loves their pets, but nobody wants to live with the stains or smells left by our furry friends. There’s no need to pretend the smell isn’t still lingering, or that the large stain is just different colored carpet—through Remnant King Carpets, fresh floors are that are pet odor free are easy and affordable.

    Spice it up!

    Your RV is a mobile getaway; it’s your home away from home. Why not make it look exceptional? Find a flooring that works with your furniture and decor, and then relax while our installers give your RV or trailer a beautiful makeover.
    stylish architecture carpet

    What Should I Buy?

    Remnant King Carpets offers everything from carpet flooring to wood to laminate. When deciding what flooring to install in your RV, there are several things to consider. First and foremost, what are your needs? Will you be staying near hiking and skiing spots? If so, hardwood or tile floors might be a better option than carpet. The last thing you want is to track in dirt, staining your brand new floor. Vinyl Plank composition tile can also be a good choice for RVers with a taste for the great outdoors; it’s durable, inexpensive, and ready for a day of hiking.

    Secondly, what styles do you prefer and how will they look with the rest of your RV interior? Our trained professionals will work with you to find the perfect carpet or flooring that will meet your RV needs, but also suit your preferences.

    Affordable Seattle RV Flooring

    Remnant King Carpets is the most cost-effective source for RV flooring. Choose from hundreds of carpets, flooring, and laminate patterns. We are dedicated to providing the Seattle area with friendly, affordable, and quality services that beat out all our competition. Visit our us or give our team a call at 88.615.8014 to learn more.

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