How To RV Laminate Flooring Installation

Your RV is your home away from home, so you want to make it as comfortable as possible. RV laminate flooring installation is a helpful way to make cleaning a breeze and reduce long-term maintenance inside your vehicle. 

RV laminate flooring comes in a range of designs, finishes, and patterns, but all types have one thing in common — they’re wash-and-wear. If you spill your coffee on the road, all you need is some water and a wipe, and the floor looks as good as new. 

Do you want to know how to install laminate flooring in an RV? Read on to find out more about laminate flooring RV installation. 

RV Laminate Flooring

Installing Laminate Flooring in RV

Plan the Installation

Carefully measure the dimensions of the central area, slide-outs, and other sections. Check your measurements before creating your plan to install laminate flooring in RV. 

Remove the Old Flooring

Taking the old carpet out might prove troublesome due to the staples. A simple trick is to remove one or two staples with pliers. Remove enough to have a free edge you can grasp and then leverage this to pull out the other staples. 

Linoleum removal is harder because of the adhesive.  You may need to cut through to the subfloor to start lifting the linoleum. Then, pry off the rest using a pry bar. Avoid the temptation to leave stubborn bits in place as they’ll mar the final finish. 

Repair the Subfloor and Install the Underlayment 

Sweep the subfloor and then check it carefully for damage. Repair any damage you find before moving on to the next step in RV laminate flooring installation. 

Place the Laminate Flooring for RV

You may now begin installing laminate flooring in RV. Start by acclimating the planks — lay them in the RV with the ends uncovered for three days to adjust to the humidity levels. 

Start the installation along the longest wall and move in from there. Leave a little room at either end to allow for expansion if necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to install the planks. 

Installing Laminate Flooring in RV

Tips To Consider When Installing Laminate Flooring in RVs

  •     Measure, plan, and check before cutting. This allows you to get the suitable material and tools to make the project a success. 
  •     Set aside time for removing the existing floor. Removing staples or linoleum can take hours. 
  •     Understand where and how you’ll place each plank. Will you need to remove the flooring on slide-outs? Are there any skills you need to learn? 

Maintaining RV Laminate Flooring

Keep It Clean

Regularly sweeping the floor with a microfiber cloth is one of the best ways to extend the laminate’s lifespan. The fabric picks up dirt before it can stain but doesn’t scratch the floor. 

For wet spills, soak up the liquid and dry the floor immediately.

Finally, bring the shine back using a specialist cleaner and polisher. Spray it on conservatively before wiping it away with a dry mop to avoid scratches and warping. 

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