remove shoes before entering your home

Remove Your Shoes Before Entering The House

When visiting a person’s home for the first time, if you are asked to remove your shoes before entering, oftentimes you might feel a bit put out. But, if you consider the reasoning for removing your shoes before going inside, it makes so much sense that you might want to start implementing the no shoes rule at your home.

Did you know that the soles of your shoes are dirtier than toilet seats? That’s pretty nasty when you think about all of that bacteria getting on your floor.

Here are 4 reasons why you should always remove your shoes before entering the house.

remove shoes before entering your home

4 Reasons to Take Your Shoes Off in the House

If the fact that the soles of your shoes are literally as dirty as a toilet seat isn’t enough to make you implement the no shoes inside rule, these 4 reasons will be.

Bacteria Can Live on Your Shoes for a Scary Amount of Time

Research has consistently demonstrated that bacteria can live on your shoes longer than it can on most other surfaces. And while old bacteria survive on your shoes you’re also constantly adding more bacteria to it.

Yet another reason to leave your shoes at the door of your home.

Wearing Shoes Inside Could Damage Your Flooring

Whether it’s dust, dirt, or grease wearing your shoes inside could damage or stain your flooring. Dust, sand, and dirt will create small scratches on your hardwood floors while grease and mud can stain your carpet.

To avoid damaging your flooring and to ensure that your floors last as long as possible, refrain from wearing shoes on your carpet at all times.

Whatever is on Your Shoes Will Get on Your Floor

Dog feces, dirt, grime, grease, sand, and mud, everything that you step in you will track into your house. Whatever is on your shoes will inevitably end up on your floors, the only way to keep the grime off of your floors is to leave your shoes at the door when you enter your house.

Your Shoes are Guaranteed to Have Feces on Them

It’s just the disgusting truth. If you wear your shoes in any public setting at some point you are going to step in feces. Wearing your shoes inside will spread these feces throughout your home, which is not what you want. Yet another reason to clean your shoes often and leave your shoes before entering the house.

How to Implement the No Shoes on Carpet Rule

Have our reasons convinced you to implement the no-shoes rule in your home? If so, you’re probably now wondering how you will be able to implement the no shoes on the carpet rule throughout your household. You’ve most likely got to get your family (spouse and kids) on board with the idea and that often isn’t an easy feat. While kids and spouses might initially be in favor of the idea of removing shoes at the door, putting this into practice might be more difficult.

We’d suggest setting up a bench or stool outside to make it easier for your kids to remove their shoes at the door. Have a shoe closet or shoe rack accessible immediately inside your home.

Need to Upgrade the Flooring in Your Home?

Sometimes your floors are just beyond the point of saving. If for years past you’ve walked inside with your shoes on and it’s gradually worn down the integrity and aesthetic of your flooring, it might be time to upgrade your floors. While it might be possible to reduce stains and spots through deep cleaning, you only have so many hours in the day for trying to salvage damaged flooring. At this point, it’s probably time to have your floors redone, and if you find yourself in this boat, we’ve got good news for you.

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