Kitchen Flooring Types: The Best Options for Your Remodeling Project


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Kitchen Flooring Types: The Best Options for Your Remodeling Project

Whether you own a home that was built to your specifications several years ago or have purchased a home that you would like to update, remodeling is a task that every homeowner faces at some point. Kitchens, with their focal point of the home and heavy use, tend to be one of the first areas that homeowners decide to upgrade.

When choosing flooring for your kitchen, it’s important that you pay less attention to trends and give consideration to durability. Kitchen floors need to be able to withstand the demands of cooking, heavy traffic, and water exposure.

Kitchen Flooring types when remodeling

Before you select your finishes for your new kitchen floor, there are a few things that you should consider. First, home trends are constantly in flux, which can provide you with a constantly evolving palette from which to pick your materials.

Second, advancement in the technology of treating traditional flooring surfaces has made certain materials a viable option for high-traffic areas that they were previously unsuitable for.

Thankfully, design trends and improved flooring options have met in a way that allows consumers to have the best of both worlds. Concrete, bamboo, and coated woods are emerging as stars of the flooring world, both for their beauty and practical durability in high-traffic areas.



When concrete first emerged on the interior flooring scene, it often carried an industrial appearance and had a narrow option of color choices. In the last few years, artistic interpretations have elevated this material to a gorgeous flooring option in its own right.

While it’s always a durable choice, as concrete gives the homeowner the luxury of a solid-surface flooring option and eliminates the concerns of cracking tiles and peeling vinyl, concrete is now a designer choice.

Concrete can be scored, stamped. and dyed into a vast array of patterns and hues that can match any decor. When sealed and maintained, it resists staining and provides an easy-clean, wall to wall surface for your kitchen. Today, concrete floors can be found that range from bright and artistic to subdued, classic designs.

Concrete isn’t completely maintenance free, however. Homeowners who choose this flooring option should have their floor sealed annually to help protect the surface and regularly dust mop the surface to remove potentially abrasive debris. Sealed concrete flooring can be mopped with a gentle cleaner to clean wet spills.

Concrete has become such a popular option for flooring that concrete tiles have also emerged as a show-stealer in kitchens. These tiles were originally designed to allow concrete flooring in areas of the home that didn’t rest on a foundation. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, or encaustic patterns, concrete tiles have moved beyond a trend and are a welcome fixture in kitchen flooring.



Bamboo flooring has also come a long way since it first emerged on the market in the late 1990s. Today’s bamboo flooring options have arrived with a wider variety of colors and differing plank sizes, while still providing an eco-friendly flooring surface. Bamboo grows rapidly, meaning the natural resources are recouped at a higher rate than traditional hardwood flooring choices. Many homeowners love the idea of having wood floors in their homes without using natural resources that take decades to regrow.

Bamboo is warp-resistant and supplies some protection against water damage as long as spills are cleaned quickly. It’s always advisable with any wood flooring option, high humidity areas such as around your dishwasher should be insulated against vapor build-up.

In the kitchen, bamboo can be installed to a flat, level surface with minimal transition points between the planks. Installing bamboo in this way minimizes areas that dirt and debris can be trapped. This, along with its natural appearance, makes it an attractive choice for the kitchen.

Care of bamboo flooring involves regular maintenance with a dust mop to remove surface abrasives and mopping with a gentle cleanser.


Coated Wood

Coated wood is the newest option to come to kitchen floors, but it’s rapidly finding a place in many homes. Customers love the idea of having a continuous flooring option for their home, and coated woods allow just that. By treating traditional hardwoods with water-resistant coatings, wood that previously was an unacceptable option for areas that may be exposed to water are now suitable.

Coated hardwood is nearly indistinguishable from non-coated hardwood and doesn’t feel differently underfoot. Unlike standard hardwood, however, small spills and stains will more readily be repelled from the surface rather than being absorbed into the wood.

Coated hardwood is available in a variety of finishes, stains, and plank sizes, giving homeowners design choice over their finished look.

Remodeling is never easy, but with these choices, it can be fun. If you’re searching for the perfect flooring option for your kitchen, look no further than these three choices. Whether your design aesthetic is minimalist modern or farmhouse chic, there’s certain to be a style that will provide the look you want with the durability you need.

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