How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpets are a wonderful, soft, and delicate comfort to your feet. They make any home feel warm and inviting. But, even with such a beautiful covering to your floors, keeping carpet clean is mandatory. When you add children, animal messes, and the constant traffic of feet going through your home every day, cleaning your carpet can be a nightmare.


Never fear! There are simple techniques you can use to give your carpet a deep cleaning and limit the longevity of stains. Let’s go over some of these tried and true methods and cure your dirty carpet woes.

how to keep your carpet clean

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

What are carpets made of? It might seem like an odd question, but it is absolutely necessary. Having insight on exactly what you are about to tackle will help you get a better understanding of how to clean your carpet properly and prevent it from getting those dreaded stains.


Carpet is a textile flooring that covers the hard ground of your home. Traditionally, carpets were made out of wool. However, as of the twentieth century, carpet fibers usually consists of polypropylene, nylon or polyester material. These pieces are then tufted or injected into the textile, or knotted by hand. The synthetic materials that make up the carpet are twisted together and heat treated so that they maintain their form.


Though carpets are designed to stay in place, so you won’t have little pieces of it being ripped out by the slightest irritation, the absorbent materials are a magnet for stains, especially if you have a light colored carpet.


Good Cleaning Methods for a Messy Carpet

Vacuuming is the standard for removing dust and debris that’s collected on your carpet over time. However, every once in a while you should give your carpet a good, deep clean so that dirt that isn’t picked up by a vacuum doesn’t get stuck and stain.

Carpet Powder

Using a carpet powder or baking soda is a great way to really get into the fibers. First, you will need to sprinkle the carpet powder or baking soda generously over your carpet. After that, it is recommended that you let the powder sit on the carpet for at least 30 minutes. If you’re able to leave it overnight, that is preferable so that the powders can work their magic. The stains will start to lift from the carpet, and the powders will absorb the odors that have collected there. After the wait, you can vacuum up all the powder, and voilà – clean carpet!

Cleaning Shampoo

If your cleaning issue is especially tricky, you may want to use a shampoo that’s designed specifically for carpet materials. Purchase the shampoo, follow the instructions and dilute with water if told to do so. Moderately cover the carpet with the shampoo – you don’t want to make your carpet too wet because it will take much longer to dry. A small amount of the shampoo will go a long way, and you can save the rest for another time. Use a hard bristled brush to scrub into the carpet, especially the particularly problematic areas. Let the carpet dry, and once it’s finished, vacuum and you’re done!


Tricks For Stain Removal

There are some things that just love living in your carpet, and once they’re there, they’re awfully reluctant to leave. Wine, gum, and coffee are some that come to mind. If one of these spills happens (excluding gum), blot dry the area first. Do not wipe like you would a hard surface; you want to lift the liquid out of the carpet first to minimize the damage and prevent the liquid from soaking in deeply.


After that, apply a mixture of vinegar, water and a gentle detergent with no bleach. Gently rinsing the area, blot and repeat until the stain is gone. This is a nice natural way to prevent staining in your carpet!


We Can Help

If these cleaning methods don’t get you the results you want, or if you feel like your carpet stains are too much of a hassle to take care of, consider having professionals come and assist you with your problem.


If you are experiencing carpet stain issues in Everett, Washington or the surrounding areas, we have the equipment to take care of you. Don’t hesitate to call our professionals who will get your carpet completely clean. Or, if you are looking for a new look, we would be happy to replace your carpet for you.


Learn more about us at Remnant King Carpets. Happy cleaning!

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