A Complete Introduction to Marmoleum Flooring


If you are hoping to equip your home with eco-friendly building materials, then marmoleum may be the perfect product for your floors.

What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is an all natural linoleum that offers homeowners a flooring product that is good for the environment, easy to clean, durable, and extremely customizable — because of its many different styles and shades, marmoleum flooring allows homeowners the creative liberty of implementing varying colors and textures throughout their homes.

marmoleum flooring

How is Marmoleum Flooring Made?

Marmoleum flooring is made from all natural products like linseed oil, pine resins, wood flour, and jute, and is stained with eco-friendly pigments. This makes marmoleum a biodegradable flooring option.

Even better, marmoleum is a non-toxic product without harmful VOC’s, making it extremely popular for families with small children or pets. It’s also Asthma & Allergy Friendly certified safe.

To promote sustainability, every step of the marmoleum flooring process (from production to installation, to disposal) is toxic free and biodegradable.

Benefits Of Marmoleum Flooring

Besides being good for the environment, here are some of the many other benefits offered to homeowners by marmoleum flooring.

Marmoleum Flooring Is Versatile

Marmoleum flooring can be installed in any room of your home and can be produced in any shade of color — giving homeowners massive amounts of creative liberty to have a cohesive theme and create their homes aesthetic and color palette.

Many homeowners love that marmoleum is so versatile and can be used in any room regardless of the style of that particular space.

Marmoleum Flooring Is Affordable

Unlike most flooring options, marmoleum flooring is extremely affordable — both the product and the installation process. Marmoleum flooring gives homeowners the ability to choose a wonderful floor at a fraction of the price of other flooring options.

Here at Remnant King Carpet, we have a selection of marmoleum flooring that is 30-50% cheaper than regular retail cost. If you would like to hear more about the different marmoleum flooring types we have to choose from, give King Remnant Carpet a call today.

One of the things that makes marmoleum cheaper than other flooring options is that no adhesives are reqired for installation. The flooring simply clicks together. This reduces labor costs and clean-up time!

Marmoleum Flooring Is Easy To Clean & Maintain

With marmoleum flooring, you can choose to opt for natural cleaners (such as a vinegar solution) or buy a specific marmoleum or linoleum floor cleaner from your local grocery store.

Marmoleum floors are extremely easy to maintain and keep looking fresh, so even without a lot of upkeep, your marmoleum floor will still look new.

Another cleaning perk, marmoleum flooring has antibacterial properties that make it resistant to mold and mildew.

Marmoleum Flooring Is Durable

Marmoleum flooring is highly durable and can outlive many other flooring types.

When considering durability and cost-value, it is difficult to find another flooring option that matches marmoleum.

Marmoleum floors are sometimes able to last in nearly-perfect condition for more than 30 years! This durability, partnered with the fact that marmoleum floors can maintain their gorgeous appearance for their whole lifetime, makes them a good fit for heavy-traffic households and homeowners looking for a permanent flooring option.

Marmoleum Flooring is Soft

Another wonderful benefit of marmoleum flooring is that it is gentle on the joints. This is an especially nice perk if you or any of your family members suffer from joint issues or if you have indoor pets.
We’d recommend most homeowners consider marmoleum floors because of their low impact on the joints and comfortable walking surface. Many homeowners are looking for these qualities in a floor but are unaware of marmoleum flooring and large amounts of benefits associated with it.

Marmoleum Flooring Installation

Marmoleum flooring is extremely convenient to have installed. No adhesives are required and the flooring simply clicks together!

Marmoleum Flooring Installation

This means our flooring crew can have your floor installed quickly and that you can return to normal life in your home without the lengthy downtime required by other flooring options.

Once you make the decision to go with marmoleum flooring, you can have an installation crew in your home and your flooring replaced in next to no time at all.

Contact Remnant King Carpet Today!

Here at Remnant King Carpet, we specialize in delivering quality services with quality products. Our crew of flooring installation professionals are highly trained and equipped to get any installation completed efficiently and according to homeowners’ wishes.

We are happy to assist homeowners in Ballard, Everett, and the surrounding areas achieve their desired home aesthetic and find functional flooring for their homes.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our marmoleum flooring options or any other installation questions you might have. If you would like to speak to one of our flooring professionals, contact Remnant King Carpet today.


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