Everything You Need to Know About Installing Dark Laminate Flooring

Dark laminate flooring is a relatively new trend that doesn’t appear to be on its way out of style any time soon. Laminate flooring, in general, is on the rise of popularity because of its cost-effectiveness and its easy install.

Dark flooring specifically has risen in popularity for a number of reasons, one being that darker floors work well with most modern aesthetics. With the recent trend of homeowners wishing to have a more neutral color palette in their homes—such as gray or cream walls—dark laminate flooring is seen as a way to add a bold touch of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Dark Laminate Flooring

Dark laminate floors create contrast in a room and are suited to many different design and furniture styles.

Are you interested in dark laminate for your home? Let’s go over some of the basics about dark laminate flooring, to help you decide if it’s the best choice for your home and how it could possibly change your interior aesthetic.


What are Your Aesthetic Goals?

Understanding what your end aesthetic goals are will help you decide whether or not dark laminate flooring will make a good addition to your house. Dark laminate floors can drastically change the interior of your home and could alter current aesthetics — for example, making an already dark room darker. This is something to take into consideration as you are planning how to redo your floors

If you like bolder aesthetics, dark laminate floors are for you because, as mentioned above, they can be used to add contrast to an interior space and compliment neutral tones extremely well.

How to Decorate with Dark Laminate Floors?

Dark laminate floors can pose a decorating and furnishing problem for homeowners. To avoid common dark flooring decor errors, be sure to implement lots of lighter and neutral decor elements and furniture. You don’t want your furniture blending into the floor too much, so use lighter furniture pieces to keep the room light.

If you love cohesiveness, you can match furniture legs with your dark flooring as a way to add more flow and connectivity throughout your room and decor. Another thing to consider is if your walls are neutral and your floors dark, is using furniture as an opportunity to add a splash of color.

Which Dark Laminate Floor is Best Suited to Your Home?

Dark laminate flooring can come in varying shades, tones, widths, and grains. It’s important to match these with your aesthetic goals.
For example, the darker the floor, the easier it will be for scratches to show up. So you probably don’t want to use the darkest shade of laminate in an environment where furniture is getting moved a lot.

Considering these factors and overviewing samples of the dark laminate flooring options available will really help you decide which flooring you think would best suit your home and style.

How to Make Your Room Look Larger With Dark Laminate Floors?

Many homeowners are concerned that adding dark laminate floors will make their home feel dark and confined. While it’s true that lighter and neutral colors are better at making a room feel larger, choosing a darker color doesn’t automatically mean your room will feel smaller.

The reality is that it’s the color of your walls and floors together that communicate the size of a room. So if you’re worried that dark floors will make your floor seem smaller, all you need to do is coordinate dark laminate flooring with light-color walls and overhead lighting.

From a design standpoint, it is considered to be aesthetically pleasing to have multiple, contrasting shades. You cannot achieve this contrast by having all the walls, flooring, and furniture neutral shades. Having dark laminate flooring with contrasting lighter walls will allow you to have a much more attractive room.


How to Clean Dark Laminate Floors

When it comes to cleaning dark laminate floors, we have good news for you. Cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring is extremely easy! Laminate flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to clean and maintain — adding yet another perk to the already long list of laminate flooring pros.

There are a number of cleaning options available for dark laminate flooring. You can choose to purchase a laminate flooring cleaning solution or use a homemade vinegar and water solution. Whichever you prefer, we are sure that you will love the simplicity and ease of cleaning your dark laminate flooring.

How to clean dark laminate flooring

In conclusion, dark laminate floors are convenient to clean, are durable, easy to install and maintain their appearance for many years. Dark laminate floors can be creatively used to bring contrast to your home and are a great option if your home color palette is on the neutral side.


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