Best Carpet Padding Recommendations

How to choose carpet padding is one of the many issues that homeowners face as they renovate their home’s flooring. 

But what is carpet padding and is it really necessary for your home to have it? Carpet padding is an underlay material that serves as the foundation upon which your home’s carpeting rests. It serves to protect your carpet against the surface underneath and is typically secured to the subfloor with glue.  

Choosing the best carpet padding for your home directly affects the longevity of your carpet while also adding many practical benefits to your home’s comfort level. 

If this is your first time looking into how to buy carpet padding, continue reading for our carpet pad recommendations or get in touch with Remnant King Carpet to speak with a flooring specialist today.

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How to Choose Carpet Padding For Your Home 

When it comes to choosing carpet padding for your home, here are three helpful tips to guide homeowners to the right padding. 

  1. Determine whether the area of your home is high or low-traffic. 
  2. Speak with a flooring professional about your budget, carpet, and subfloor type. 
  3. Do your research on the different carpet padding sizes and types. 

Different Types of Carpet Padding

The following sections detail five of the different types of carpet padding in order to help you find the best solution for your home. 

Rebond Carpet Padding

The most popular of the carpet padding types, rebond is made from recycled foam and is best suited to light or medium traffic homes. 

Prime Foam Padding

In the middle price range, prime foam is used for furniture cushions and has a moderately firm feel. Prime foam padding is a good choice for rooms that don’t get heavy foot traffic as it isn’t the most durable option.

Frothed Foam

Made from frothed urethane, frothed foam carpet padding is dense, durable, and long-lasting. It is a very desirable type of carpet padding, preferable for high-traffic homes, the only downside being that it is more pricey than other types of padding. 

Waffle Rubber Padding

In a similar vein to rebond carpet padding, waffle rubber padding is in the same price range and possesses many of the same qualities of rebond. 

Although it’s soft and comfortable underfoot, waffle carpet padding isn’t made with longevity in mind and won’t withstand the test of time as other padding types will. 

Fiber Padding

Jute and other fiber materials are used to create natural carpet padding that is reasonably priced and more eco-friendly than foam. One downside to fiber padding is that it won’t be as soft as its foam counterparts, but other than that it is a good option. 

Why do I need Carpet Padding? 

Here are four benefits that come with having quality carpet padding installed at your home:

  1. Carpet longevity 
  2. Increased comfort 
  3. Improved acoustics 
  4. Enhanced insulation

How Much Does Carpet Padding Cost?

When it comes to buying carpet padding, the cost varies significantly depending on the quality and type of carpet padding you purchase. We’d recommend that you get in touch with a flooring company to discuss your budget so that they can help you find carpet padding within that range. 

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