Bedroom Flooring Ideas and Options


The flooring you select is a major subject in your home decor decisions. You want to select a type of flooring that looks nice and matches the style of your home. One of the most important rooms in your home is the place you sleep each night. The following guide explains your two best options for bedroom flooring and the advantages of each one.

In the same way that clothing selections reflect the style and personality of the person wearing the outfit, a bedroom should be an extension of the person that lives behind that door. Be it vintage, modern, Victorian, renaissance, abstract, goth, Disney Princess, or Thomas the Tank Engine, the style of each room is unique and molded to the occupant’s tastes and preferences.

While many elements of a bedroom’s design are important, an individual’s choice of flooring tends to play a pivotal role in setting the dynamic tone of the room. According to numerous design experts, flooring should be the first selection you make. The two most popular flooring options are carpet and wood. Throughout designer history, cases have been made for both options, but it ultimately comes down to the individual’s practical, aestehtic, and tactile preferences.

The Case for Carpet Flooring:

The main attraction is the comfortable, soft, and gentle quality carpet flooring that contributes to a room’s impression. These are especially nice features to look for when you’re flooring for bedrooms. The cushioned, lush, comfy quality carpet is quite appealing compared to the cold, hard, or rigid feeling of a hardwood floor. Carpet can have three-dimensional patterns and designs that can neatly accent a bedroom. While the texture and color of wood can vary, it is still limited to a two-dimensional plane. Also, there is a far more extensive supply of color choices for carpet.

In response to the fact that wood can be cleaned more easily, the carpet doesn’t show lint, hair, or dirt as readily. Therefore, carpet-lovers can get away with vacuuming less frequently.

The Case for Wood Flooring:

While the upfront cost of wood flooring is generally higher than carpet, the case is often made that wood is a higher-value flooring because it can be refinished. Therefore, wear and tear are less of an issue, and wood floors consequently last longer. Many wood floor promoters emphasize the easy-to-clean character of wood flooring; it is less work to wash a wood floor than it is to deep clean carpet. Moreover, the wood floor is at low risk for stains and spots.

As a comeback to the fact that wood tends to be cold and hard, try a floor rug. Not only does it provide color and comfort, but it also adds character and comfort without the hassles of a fully carpeted floor.

Choosing Your Carpet:

In order to narrow down your options, decide whether you’d prefer thin and dense carpet or lush and cushioned carpet. Next, decide what shade you’d like. The lighter carpet will make the bedroom feel bright and clean, while darker carpet will feel richer. Speckled carpet, a neutral color carpet mottled with tiny flecks, does the best job of hiding stains.

WoodFloorBedroom02Choosing Your Wood Floor:

There are multiple types and textures of wood flooring that would contribute to various design goals. Certain types of wood lend a gleam and gloss feel to the bedroom, while other types would match a more muted or rustic tonal intention. Bamboo makes a room feel bright and crisp. Hand scraped wood flooring tends to fit a more rural look. Dark wood, glossy finished floors are generally chosen for rooms with modern or elegant features. Choose the type of wood that not only suits your preference but also accents your color and styling choices as well.

It’s safe to say that either wood or carpet is a wise choice. At the end of the day, the only opinion about your floor that matters is your own. So when you’re flooring your bedroom, make the choice that fits your style, and create a room where you’ll love to live.

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