Flooring Your Living Room


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom hosting parties and socializing with guests, to watching movies and playing games with the kids, the living room is a well-loved “hang-out” area of the home. The flooring you choose to install will affect the use of your living room in many ways. This article provides descriptions of various flooring options and how to decide which one would best fit your home.

Before we get started, consider these three points:

A) Budget

There are high budget options and low budget options. Before you begin evaluating your choices, have a cost figure set in your mind. There are plenty of nice flooring options available, so there is no need to break the bank!

B) Intended Activities

This is the most important question. What does your family intend to do in your living room? If your family likes watching movies together, perhaps the kids would enjoy a carpeted floor so they can grab blankets and snuggle up on the floor. Or, if your family enjoys hosting dance parties or large gatherings, a hardwood floor would be the best bet. It tends to be much easier to clean. Consider which option would best fit your family’s needs and preferences.

C) Decor Preferences

If your home is decorated in a more rustic or western style, a hardwood floor may match that styling the best. On the other hand, many modern decor designs seem to be featuring many light-colored, dense, carpet choices.

Keep these design preferences in mind as you consider the following options:


Laminate flooring is very popular because it is less expensive than other flooring, such as wood, but it can be made to replicate wood, stone, or ceramic tile. If you want your living room to have the cozy look of wood, or the smooth look of stone, laminate will be an budget-friendly choice. Laminate is especially nice because it is easier to clean and keep in good condition than wood or carpet.


Wood has a special depth that allows your room to looks very comfortable and inviting. Wood goes with many different styles of decorating, from rustic to more new age, which makes it convenient for every decorator. Another advantage of wood is that it is painless to clean and is not as easily stained as carpet.


Carpet is an inexpensive and cozy floor option. It comes in many different color and style options which means that your living room can be easily personalized to your own tastes with all the choices presented. The other important advantage of carpet is that, unlike many other flooring types, it is very soft and warm. While solid floors can be fit with a heating system, or covered with a large rug, it tends to jack up the bottom line. Also, carpet reduces the amount of noise in your home. These factors can help create an even more calm and relaxed setting for a busy household.

Your living room has many different options when it comes to flooring and decor. These previously mentioned flooring types are all very good choices when it comes to relatively inexpensive coverings while also equipping you with an array decorating options.

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