Flooring Ideas for Your RV

RV flooring

Finally, Summer is in full swing and it’s time to start taking advantage of it, if you haven’t already. For many people, hiking, climbing, and camping are the biggest events of the summer, and what better way to travel than in an RV! Whether you have a new, grandiose camper or you’re fixing an RV you found on Craigslist, the flooring is an important step not to overlook.

If you love the outdoors, you might be looking at renovating your camper into something that can be efficient for years to come. That’s a great project and there are a few kinds of flooring that are going to best suit your needs. It depends on your lifestyle and type of travel.

Replacing the flooring will instantly modernize your RV’s look and give you a start in creating your perfect home away from home.


Carpet might initially seem like a no-go, but it really depends on your lifestyle. If you think you’ll be camping in places that are extremely muddy and you have pets and children, this may not be the best idea (unless you can train them to clean their feet off first!!). If that’s not the case, carpet is a great option. If comfort is a priority, and perhaps you are older or you have older pets, carpet is the best choice for you.


Vinyl flooring is a great option if you think your flooring is going to have to withstand any exposure to water. Vinyl comes in a couple types: squares with sticky backs that make installation a breeze, or luxury planks. Luxury planks look a lot like wood and even mimic the wood engravings; giving you the look of hardwood without the cost or maintenance.

When it comes to vinyl flooring, it can be installed with a floating method or an adhesive method. The floating method is easy to install but may not be the most effective method in the camper. The adhesive method will work better because an RV tends to have lots of little nooks and crannies. You will have to cut the vinyl to fit the van’s shape, which is easier said than done. If it is just floating there, it may not stay down over time. The adhesive installation can ensure that you have great and permanent flooring for years to come.

One downside to vinyl is that it is applied directly to the floor, meaning that any imperfections will be visible. If that’s a problem for you, maybe laminate flooring is a better option for your RV.



Laminate flooring is great because it really looks and feels like wood! Unlike vinyl, it does not show imperfections so easily because insulation or padding can be applied prior to laying it down. That’ll give it a very comfortable feel for you and your family.

Laminate flooring is also installed with a floating method, but because of the padding beneath, it stays in place over time more easily. A downside to laminate is that it’s not water resistant. If you have a bit of a messier household, this might not be good for your RV. If you want the look and feel of wood without the cost and have a low impact lifestyle, this is a great type of flooring for your RV!

Whatever type of flooring you choose for your project, Remnant King Carpet has you covered. We can install any of the above floorings and even more! If you’d like to talk to us about putting in flooring or carpet in your RV, reach out to us at 206.789.7553 or fill out our form today!

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