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Best Flooring Options For Dog Owners

Washington State is a very dog-friendly region, and consequently, many Seattle homeowners also are dog owners.

Having pets in the house then poses the question of what flooring option is best for your pup. As dog parents, you want to make sure that your home is optimized for them in every way.

As a Seattle-based flooring company, a question that we frequently get is, “what flooring option is best for dog owners?”

Due to the frequency of this question, our team of flooring experts decided to compile our answers into this article for our Seattle homeowners.

So What Are The Best Flooring Types For Dogs?

Best Waterproof Flooring For Pets

Tile, ceramic, or stone are all excellent choices when it comes to the most waterproof flooring for your home.

Think floors that go well in your kitchen or bathroom.

These floors are generally fairly water-resistant and can withstand the constant patter of puppy feet all day long.

Best Laminate Flooring Options For Dogs

Laminate flooring options are also good choices for dog owners.

Because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain, laminate floors are a good choice for dog owners who want to have a nice floor without the huge financial investment or the possible devastation of having an expensive floor ruined.

Best Hardwood Floors For Dogs

Hardwood is generally not the best flooring option for dog owners.

Hardwood is expensive, difficult to repair, and not entirely forgiving when it comes to puppy accidents.

If you intend to aggressively potty train your pooch and ensure that he or she doesn’t have an accident on your hardwood floor, you could opt for an engineered hardwood flooring.

What Are The Most Scratch Resistant Flooring Options?

Tile, stone, ceramic, vinyl, etc.

Think heavy foot traffic, water, and claws. Our honest suggestion is to use a flooring type that you would in your kitchen or bathroom.

Tile or stone is probably the most scratch-resistant flooring option for dog owners and looks beautiful in any home.

How To Dog Proof Your Flooring

Dog proofing your home and flooring are essential if you hope to keep your floors in good condition.

Here are small steps that you can take to dog-proof your flooring that will make a huge difference in the longevity of your flooring.

1. Pick A Scratch Resistant Flooring

We cannot emphasize this enough!

Choose the most scratch-resistant flooring available in your area and budget. This will ensure that your floor lasts as long as it can and that your floors are fully dog-proof.

2. Designate “No Go” Areas For Your Dog

You shouldn’t have any qualms about sectioning off areas of your home as “no go” areas for your pet.

It’s almost impossible to dog-proof every room in your home, so you should just accept that there will be some areas that your dog is not allowed.

This is the next step in dog-proofing your home. Get baby gates or other barriers that will effectively keep your dog from wandering into rooms that are not dog-proofed.

3. Use A Lot Of Area Rugs

This tip for dog-proofing your home might have you scratching your head.

I thought that area rugs are not recommended for dog owners…

To the contrary! Area rugs are a wonderful and inexpensive resource for dog proofing your home.

Now, a big tip here is don’t invest in the most expensive area rug on the market. Get a remnant rug or other inexpensive and easy to clean area rugs to dog-proof your home. Your rug should be washable and not too expensive, it will get dirty — trust us.

How To Maintain Your Flooring With Pets

Maintaining your flooring with dogs in the house is just as important as choosing the right floor for your space.

Keeping up with the routine maintenance that will need to be done is essential in your home’s aesthetic and cleanliness. Invest in the best flooring option on the market for dog owners and then use the rest of your energy to keep your home maintained.

Make sure that you sweep, mop, and dust often. Dogs bring a lot of dirt and dust into the home and you want to make sure that you aren’t leaving dust to collect.

Especially if you have members in your household that are sensitive to dust or pet hair, you will want to make sure that you stay on top of cleaning your floors and dusting your home.

Find A Flooring Company Near You

Here at Remnant King Carpet, we take pride in offering superior flooring services to dog owners in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

If you would like more advice on how to choose the best flooring option for your home with pets, give us a call today. Our team of flooring experts would be more than happy to help you choose the best flooring for you and your pet.

Additionally, if you need any help finding a durable area rug to dog-proof your home, we can help you there too.

Give Remnant King Carpet a contact us today and get started towards a more dog-friendly home.

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