Everything you Need to Know About RV Flooring Installation

It couldn’t happen at a worse time, it’s summer—the time of the year when you and your family take periodic mini vacations in your RV. You’ve cleared time off from work and made sure family members’ schedules are free as well, and now you discover the flooring in your RV is damaged. The damage might have been due to a broken water line, or perhaps there’s a lingering unpleasant smell due to pets. Regardless of the reason, time is of the essence!

Aside from the issue of timing, you’ll have to decide what type of new RV flooring options to choose from and whether or not it will it be able to be installed in time for your scheduled departure. But don’t panic—a quick study of the RV flooring choices available in the Seattle/Everett area will help you to focus in on what’s the best flooring for your RV, and there are reputable Seattle/Everett area professionals who can get the job done in time to meet your departure date. Here are some of the most viable choices for RV flooring.

RV flooring in Seattle and Everett WA

1. Hardwood RV Flooring

Might as well start at the top in terms of costs. If you’re at all concerned about resale value, then this is a good option. However, hardwood flooring is going to add some weight to your RV due to the density of hardwood floors. If you RV full time, foot traffic will likely be heavy so there’s going to be some fairly serious maintenance that will be required because floor space compared to your home is much smaller square footage. If this type of RV flooring fits your lifestyle and budget, and you’re prepared for the increased upkeep, there’s no denying it will add long-term value to your RV.

2. Vinyl RV Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring has the advantage of being able to mimic any other type of flooring: hardwood, tile, and stone. On top of that, it’s extremely durable and easy to maintain. On the other end of the vinyl spectrum, there’s a much lower cost type of vinyl flooring that comes with adhesive backing for easy installation. Either way, vinyl is a perfect choice for areas where water is likely to spill onto the floor, like the bathroom and kitchen sink area. All-in-all, vinyl flooring is a sound choice, both in terms of benefits and the cost factor.

3. Carpet RV Flooring

Chances are good that your RV may have come off the showroom floor with carpeting. This is especially true the older your RV is. It’s a great option in terms of cost and installation time, there’s a definite comfort advantage when walked upon, and it’s also very easy to install.

Be sure and explore wool carpeting—though it is typically on the high end of carpeting in terms of costs, you’re likely to find it on sale, which makes it an option hard to ignore. Maintenance is fairly easy; just be prepared to vacuum on a regular basis, especially if there are young kids and pets who’ll be traveling with you. If carpet flooring is for you, consider a heavier type like Berber as it will not only be more comfortable to walk on but it will also probably last longer.

4. Laminate RV Flooring

Another good floating floor option is found in laminate floors. They’re easy to install and can be found at an acceptable price point. As they are made from wood composites, they mimic wood floors almost as well as vinyl does, and it’s still attractive and durable. When it comes to maintenance, laminate floors generally specify a particular cleaning agent which is applied with a cloth or mop, which may add some time and steps to cleaning. Still, it’s definitely a good candidate for RV floor replacement.

5. Linoleum RV Flooring

This is going to be your best option if budget considerations are the primary motivator. However, there are some potential downfalls with linoleum. It is more susceptible to tears, stains, and may require buffing and polishing to maintain it’s state of attractiveness. It’s a quick and easy installation if that’s critical, and it comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Now that you’ve been able to study some of the RV flooring options available to you, the next consideration—given your time frame—is where can you go to see a large selection of flooring options.

Here in the Seattle/Everett area, Remnant King Carpets—a family owned and operated business—has been serving area residents and RV owners since 1986. They have a huge inventory of RV flooring options. Be sure and contact Remnant King Carpets today for a free consultation and estimate so you can make that RV mini vacation you’ve planned!

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