Does High Quality Carpet Save on Energy Costs?

Remodeling your home and on the lookout for new flooring options? There are many to choose from! Apart from all of the varieties of material (tile, vinyl, carpet, hardwood, bamboo), you’ve also got dozens of styles and patterns to choose from as well.

But, there’s more than just style. Many homeowners want to save money on energy bills for the benefit of their own bank accounts as well as the environment. If you’re one such homeowner, you’ll be happy to learn that there are flooring options to help you maximize energy efficiency in your home.

What’s the Flooring R-Value?

If you’ve ever worked with or commissioned insulation to be installed in your home, you’re familiar with the R-value, a uniform grading system used to rate the insular capabilities of various types of insulation.

While flooring isn’t given a precise rating the way insulation is, but a general idea of the R-value will be helpful in determining the insular abilities of your flooring choices.

Most types of flooring, such vinyl or ceramic, have a very low R-value. If you are looking for energy savings for your whole home, this may not be a great option. Carpeting, on the other hand, has a much higher value naturally and that number increases with the higher quality of the carpet.

The fibers of the carpet itself and the padding below help to trap heat and provide an insular barrier. Generally, the denser the weave, the more insular the carpet. Wool carpet, for example, has a very high insulating ability.

If you’re looking to reduce heat transfer and keep your home temperatures steady for less in energy costs, carpeting might be able to help you out.

Installing carpet with a dense pile construction will automatically insulate more efficiently than other types of flooring, even if it’s just over a concrete slab. Beyond its energy efficiency, high quality carpet is a safe and durable option for your home.


Carpet is a safe option for your home because even when it’s wet, you’re not very likely to slip and fall and hurt yourself. So this is great if you have a home with young children or elderly adults who need to be extra careful. Carpet also provides excellent cushioning, which is great at reducing stress on joints and makes sitting or lying on the floor much more comfortable (looking at you, parents!).


Most carpet maintenance is a breeze, which is especially helpful if you have a busy life. Carpet upkeep is as simple as a weekly vacuuming (or more if you have little ones running around) and spot cleaning as needed. With high quality carpet, the density of the piles keeps dust at the top, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

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