Creative Uses for Vinyl Plank Flooring in Your Home

When vinyl plank flooring first hit the interior decorating world, it didn’t take long for creative designers to develop new uses for the material. It’s strong, flexible, easy to use, looks great and with the thousands of design choices, they quickly realized that vinyl plank flooring could help them achieve any look they wanted to achieve.

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts were likewise impressed. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the material was easy-care, stain-resistant and a breeze to install.

Today we’re going to look at some creative ways you can utilize this material and revolutionize the look of your home. Grab your design books and start thinking about that project you’ve been putting off because you’re going to be inspired.

Creative ways to use vinyl wood plank flooring

Get Inventive

One of the best things about vinyl plank flooring is it’s ease of installation. You don’t need to worry about using a tile cutter or renting a stone grinder, measuring and carefully trimming pieces to achieve ornate looks. Vinyl flooring is easily trimmed to size with standard tools that you likely have around and on hand, so don’t be intimidated by all the work that would have kept you from installing the floor of your dreams.

Go ahead: plan out that herringbone, mix your styles and finishes to achieve a look that’s unique, beautiful and all yours. You and your home deserve to have the ‘wow’ factor, and with the user-friendly installation of vinyl plank, nothing will hold you back.


Everyone knows the weather in Northern Washington can be a little wet. Seattle, in particular, is famous for the misty environment. If you’re tired of constantly battling the weather’s effect on your floors as rain and mud are tracked in, there’s nothing better than replacing the high-traffic areas with vinyl plank flooring.

You won’t have to worry about regrouting, sealing and all the other upkeep. Just a simple mop and your floor is restored to a beautiful, clean finish every time. It’s for this reason that many homeowners are getting inventive with vinyl flooring in their existing floors by installing permanent ‘rugs’ in their mudrooms, entryways, and halls. Even if you decide that replacing the entire floor with vinyl isn’t the choice for you, attractive inserts can be created to provide all the durability you need to withstand the Seattle weather.

Beyond the Floor

Vinyl plank can go beyond the floor. If you have an old table with a worn top, consider fixing vinyl plank to the surface for a quick freshen up. You’ll have to cut and attach a trim, but those worse-for-wear patio tables will look brand new. It’s a quick and simple weekend project, and you can get it done just in time for BBQ season.

Backsplashes and Behind Stoves

The incredible durability and easy-clean nature of vinyl plank has lead to a lot of homeowners replacing traditional grouted tiles with vinyl plank in these areas. Not only does it achieve the look of stone or ceramic tiles, but it also wipes clean with no worries about stained grout.

If you’d like to give your kitchen a makeover, look to vinyl tiles. They are available in nearly every size and finish you could want, adhere to the wall easily and are unsurpassed with convenience and upkeep when it comes to maintenance in high-use areas like the kitchen.

Laundry Room Walls

Much like the kitchen, the laundry room sees a lot of wear and tear. Moisture, heat, and steam can absolutely destroy both painted drywall and tiles, so why not choose something that will withstand the environmental demands with ease?

Vinyl flooring is naturally water-resistant, so if you choose to use it in this area it will be less affected by the demands of keeping your clothing clean. If you have a mishap such as a leaking washing machine or other accidents, it’s simple to clean.

Feature Walls

If you’re still unsure because you can’t get beyond the old vinyl flooring options of the 1970s and 1980s, go into a store and check out the newest offerings; we promise you haven’t seen vinyl like this!

From brick to weathered wood planks to stone that looks and feels so natural you have to examine it closely to tell it’s vinyl, modern vinyl plank flooring is outstanding in quality and gorgeous designs.

So if you’ve been jealous over those wood feature walls, wish you could add a little old-school charm to your kitchen with brick or want to emulate the natural look of these cost-prohibitive materials, then vinyl plank is your answer.

Some products, like Luxury Vinyl Plank, can even be grouted for a more true-to-real look. Spend some time reviewing the products and we promise you’ll be as inspired to find inventive uses in your home for vinyl plank flooring, just like the professionals were when the product became available.

Where Do I get Vinyl Wood Planks?

Stop by Remnant King Carpet in either of our locations in Seattle, Washington or Ballard, Washington. Our friendly, no-pressure staff and talented design team can help you make your home improvement dreams a reality today. Contact us today with any questions

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