Cork Flooring: A Pleasant Alternative


The same cork material that forms the stopper in your favorite bottle of wine is also a type of eco-friendly flooring. Cork flooring has increased in popularity among the home decor community as a great alternative to traditional hardwood, concrete, or ceramic tile flooring. Cork planks generally come in 4-foot lengths and they click together easily using a tongue and groove method of assembly.



Cork flooring is created from harvesting the bark of cork oak trees. After waiting until the tree is 25-30 years old, the bark is harvested from the tree while without cutting it down or damaging the trunk, leaving it alive and well. Much like peeling an orange, the bark is peeled from the tree’s core, and the tree is left to regrow it’s bark over the next 9 years. The fact that the harvesting of the cork for production purposes does not damage or fell any cork oak trees is a huge advantage of investing in cork flooring. It’s far more sustainable than felling trees that take 25+ years to fully regrow.


Warm and Cushioned

As opposed to concrete or ceramic tile, cork flooring has been touted as both warm and cushioned. It doesn’t feel near as cold underfoot, and many homeowners that find themselves standing for long lengths of time appreciate the soft, cushioned feel of their cork flooring.


Hypo-Allergenic and Mold Resistant

It’s impossible for mold, insects, and microorganisms to live within a cork floor. Many allergy-prone and dust-sensitive homeowners choose cork as a way of helping to control their exposure to allergens that cause bothersome irritations.


Sound Insulation

Who would have thought that your floor could keep your house quieter? Curiously enough, cork flooring is rather sound-absorbent, leading to fewer sound waves bouncing around the room.

Remnant King Carpets would be more than happy to help you install your very own cork floor. For more information about our flooring services, contact us with your name, email, phone number, and the type of flooring that interests you.

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