What Is Marmoleum Flooring: How To Choose The Right Material

Overwhelmed about choosing the right new floors for your home?

Taking budget, practicality, maintenance, and household needs all into consideration takes time, and lots of weighing of pros and cons.

If you are looking into Marmoleum flooring for the first time, this article will serve as your guide to choosing the right Marmoleum tile for you.

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Marmoleum Flooring

What is Marmoleum Flooring?

First off, let’s get some definitions out of the way. What exactly is Marmoleum flooring?

Marmoleum flooring is a kind of linoleum. But it’s not just any old linoleum — Marmoleum flooring is marbleized linoleum.

While many types of vinyl flooring are derived from synthetic materials, Marmoleum is an all-natural exception. Marmoleum flooring is made without the usage of harmful, toxic chemicals that have a negative impact on health as well as the environment.

If you are turned off by the idea of linoleum flooring in your home, never fear. Marmoleum flooring is highly versatile and doesn’t have to mimic the look of linoleum at all. You can find Marmoleum floors in every color imaginable — minimizing that “linoleum look” that some homeowners dislike.

Here are some of the aesthetic, natural materials that Marmoleum floors are made from:

  • Limestone
  • Wood flour
  • Natural mineral pigments
  • Jute
  • Linseed oil
  • Tree rosin


Benefits of Marmoleum Flooring

The benefits of Marmoleum flooring are expansive. Here are just a few that win the hearts of homeowners:

  • Marmoleum tile is environmentally-friendly (it’s even biodegradable!)
  • Marmoleum tile is an all-natural, allergy, and asthma-friendly flooring
  • Marmoleum tile lasts for decades! With some people placing its lifespan at 25-40 years!
  • Marmoleum flooring is comfortable to walk on. Unlike many tile floors that are hard and cold to walk on, Marmoleum flooring is soft and is warm — even to bare feet.
  • Marmoleum flooring is extremely versatile, it comes in every shade imaginable and can complement any interior aesthetic.
  • Marmoleum tile is durable and can stand up to foot traffic as well as pets and small children.
  • Marmoleum tile encourages creativity. With hundreds of shades, patterns, and finishes to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild and your creativity bloom with Marmoleum floors.


Which Rooms do Best With Marmoleum Flooring?

The sky is the limit when it comes to Marmoleum flooring.

It does well in high-traffic areas of the home, with pets, kids, and is even resistant to moisture. The benefits and versatility of Marmoleum tile flooring make it a suitable option for any room in the house.

Whether you are looking for a moisture-resistant floor for your bathroom or a sturdy floor for your kitchen, Marmoleum flooring will accomplish both of these with a beautiful surface.


Choosing the Right Marmoleum Floor

When it comes to choosing the right Marmoleum floor for your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you.

There are countless shades, designs, and finishes to choose from — making it a difficult choice for homeowners.

To make your decision process easier, here are several questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a Marmoleum floor:

  • What is your flooring budget?
  • What is the interior color scheme of your home?
  • What kind of subfloor does your home have?

Answering these three questions will help you so much in determining what kind of Marmoleum flooring would be suited to your home.

If you need help answering these questions, our team at Remnant King Carpet is just a phone call away!


How is Marmoleum Installed?

Marmoleum flooring installation is not a DIY project.

Installing Marmoleum tile requires specific tools and skills that only professional flooring installation companies possess.

Having Marmoleum flooring installed requires a clean, level subfloor. If your subfloor needs some work, this is just another reason why you need to work with a professional Marmoleum flooring installation service to get the job done.


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