Which is Better – Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring

Carpet vs hardwood is a question that homeowners have agonized over for decades. When it comes to the choice of carpet or hardwood floors for your home, there are numerous pros and cons to both types of flooring.

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carpet and hardwood flooring

Carpet vs Hardwood: Which Is Better?

Carpet and hardwood flooring both bring their unique twist to home interiors. If you are trying to decide between carpet or hardwood for your home, examining the pros and cons of each can help you find the right flooring for your home and practical needs.

Carpet Flooring: Pros & Cons

Carpet flooring is traditional, cozy, and can reflect numerous interior styles. To help you figure out if the carpet is the right choice for your home, the pros and cons of this flooring type are detailed below.


  • Warm and soft underfoot
  • Low impact flooring
  • Sound absorbing
  • Insulating effect
  • Budget-friendly (in many cases)


  • Not suitable for rooms with water usage (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.)
  • Difficult to clean
  • Can gather dust and aggravate allergies

Hardwood Flooring: Pros & Cons

Timeless, luxuriant, and bold, hardwood flooring comes in many shades, plank widths, and types to accommodate the vast tastes of homeowners. If hardwood flooring is a contender in your future floor contest, here are the pros and cons you should be aware of:


  • Environmentally-friendly flooring
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very durable
  • Long lifespan
  • A classic aesthetic that never goes out of style
  • Can increase your home’s resale value


  • High price tag
  • Cold underfoot
  • Harder on the joints
  • Can be difficult for pets to walk on

Carpet vs Hardwood Cost & Installation

While both flooring types are an investment, in most cases carpet is more cost-effective than hardwood flooring per square foot. This is reflected in installation costs as well, with carpet being far more affordable for installing than hardwood.

Hardwood vs Carpet: How to Choose the Right Floor For You

At the end of the day, whether you choose carpet or hardwood flooring for your home depends on a number of factors including budget, maintenance, level of foot traffic, practicality, and more.

Carpet isn’t suitable for every room in your home any more than hardwood is. The floor you choose should reflect the purpose of the space as well as its unique style.

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