How Carpet Remnants Can Revitalize Your Home Without Costing a Fortune?

Your home is important to you, and it’s time to change your decor. While replacing your carpeting is first on your list, there’s only so much you can spend on it. Maybe you’ve heard about how a friend was able to revitalize the look of her home at an affordable price by installing remnant carpet. You’re intrigued by the idea but you need a little more information.

Here’s a primer for those who have discovered that carpet remnants can breathe new life and look into their home at a price that is affordable.

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What Are Carpet Remnants?

Simply put, carpet remnants are the remaining sections from a whole roll of carpeting that are usually deeply discounted from the roll price in order for carpeting outlets to be able to sell them. In most instances, these sections are too small for a large carpeting project but too large to be discarded.


Uses For Remnant Carpet

The two primary uses consumers have found for utilizing remnant carpet in their homes are:


• Creating unique and functional area rugs which can be used in any room in the house, especially those with tile, laminate, vinyl or wood flooring. Often, remnants from different carpet rolls are bound together to create these unique area rugs.

• With a little patience and some calling around to local carpet remnant stores, a section is often found that is large enough to carpet an entire room.


Advantages of Remnant Carpet

As you begin the process of having your carpeting replaced – especially if you’re on a tight budget – keep in mind the many advantages of using remnant carpet pieces rather than full rolls of carpeting. Here are four practical advantages to consider in favor of choosing remnant carpet:

1. Remnant Carpet is Cost Effective

If you’ve ever priced carpeting before, you know well the degree of deep discounting in carpet remnant that is available to you as a consumer. For many, this can be the make or break decision for being able to replace existing carpeting in the home, especially when cost is the final determinant in their decision. In the time you spent shopping around for reputable outlets for remnant carpet pieces, you could have saved money while still helping you achieve your aesthetic desires.

2. Remnant Carpet is a High Quality Product

Don’t think for a moment that a carpet remnant is in any way an inferior or secondary choice in carpeting. Remember, the remnant pieces come from the same full roll as whole carpets that are higher priced. Just because it’s from the end of the roll does not change the quality in any way whatsoever.

3. Remnants Comes in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Designs

Whether you are contemplating using remnants to create unique area rugs or for carpeting an entire room, you’re going to find a full array of choices when it comes to the available sizes and shapes and design elements. Because rolls of whole carpeting can vary in these same features of size, shape and design, so too are the remnants found at the ends of these same rolls. This can come in handy especially when you’re looking to fashion some intricate and artistic area rugs of varying sizes. Often, rugs with the same design elements are able to be configured in different sizes so that they can be placed throughout the home, creating a unifying artistic theme.

4. Remnants Offer a Quick and Painless Purchasing Process

How many times have you found the perfect carpet for the project you are contemplating only to discover that whole rolls are not currently in stock, or, worse, no longer available? There have been instances where carpet shoppers have been able to find enough remnants of carpeting that is no longer on the market to utilize in carpeting a section or two of their home. If you’re shopping at a reputable carpet remnant store that specializes in high volume, the entire shopping process can be made much easier and allow you to purchase the product you desire and take it home with you or have it delivered, all on the same day.


Finding a Reputable Remnant Carpet Supplier

If remnant carpet works for you both in terms of function and costs, then the next step is in finding a reputable outlet for remnant carpet. Here in Everett, Ballard, and the surrounding area, Remnant King Carpets not only offers consumers a full product line of flooring options, they carry in stock a huge inventory of some of the best brand names currently available on the market. They are also specialists in alternative flooring options like remnant carpet. Their years of experience and the reputation they have earned for professionalism and integrity can be of benefit for anyone in search of flooring. Contact them today so they can begin the process of assisting you.

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