Blast from the Past! Why Vinyl Floorings Are Making a Huge Comeback

An old style is coming back with a new flare: Vinyl flooring is re-emerging as a fresh choice for modern homes for many reasons. Not only does it allow for stylish expression within the house, vinyl is also convenient because it’s easy to maintain, durable, customizable and affordable.


Explore all the possibilities of what you can do with vinyl and why you should consider making it a part of your home.


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Vinyl Flooring: Strong and Sleek

Vinyl is made up of four layers of hard-pressed, heat-sealed material. Manufacturers then cover it with a clear, protective upper level, making it resistant to damage and easy to clean. Wipe away a spill with little effort thanks to its glossy surface. Sweeping is a piece of cake, and grime and grit won’t stick to its smooth surface.


Floor damage is not a concern if your house has a lot of foot traffic; vinyl has a tough, scratch proof surface. Neither your floor nor you get bent out of shape if you have heavy furniture that scrapes the floor. Dents, dings, and fading are rare in vinyl flooring. If there is a place in your house that requires frequent cleaning, vinyl flooring is the best choice for you.


Vinyl flooring is also water resistant. Spills in the kitchen, the dining room, laundry room or even the bathroom are not a problem. Just wipe up the moisture and be on your way. You won’t struggle with the unpleasant smell of mildew in carpet, or the swelling found in a water damaged hardwood floor.


Are your children all over the place? Do you have a pet? Vinyl flooring can hold up to the scratch of animal nails, toys and messes. It’s soft surface also adds a little cushion to your family’s feet.


Art Underfoot

Vinyl comes in all styles and designs. This versatility allows you to transform your home’s floors into whatever you want. Choose from vinyl plank flooring that’s laid out in long strips, or go for luxury vinyl flooring that has a cushioned feel to it.


Consider three-dimensional patterns to bring an artistic side to your floors that you never thought possible. Imagine seeing your children’s rooms with cute stripes and colors that match their favorite mascots. What about turning your kitchen into that ‘60s-style diner?


You can give your floor swirling marble similar to Roman royalty, gray tiles like your favorite futuristic movie and even an appearance of hardwood flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring or vinyl stone flooring create even more possibilities. A sitting room where everyone comes together can be sleek and laid back, or bright and inviting. The creativity you apply to your home is unlimited!



Each room can have a convenient and customizable vinyl flooring. Use vinyl to set the tone of your home from retro to modern chic or to create a classic look. Let your personality shine and impress the visitors who come to your home.


Easy in Every Way

New vinyl flooring is affordable and has lower labor costs, giving your home the hardwood or marble flare at a fraction of the price.


Installers can fit together easy-to-apply sheets room to room. For bigger projects, consider luxury vinyl flooring tiles that are 12 inches by 12 inches or 16 inches by 16 inches. Mix and match with smaller tiles that measure 4 inches by 6 inches. If any of these tiles breaks, replacement is a cinch. With just a small investment, you can make vinyl sheeting into a fun and easy do-it-yourself project.


Rejuvenate Your Floors

If you’re tired of the old appearance of your home’s floors and looking to give it a fresh kiss of style, vinyl can easily go over old flooring. This lowers the cost of removal and installation so you can enjoying your new floor in less time.


Other benefits of vinyl flooring include:

  • Softer surface makes vinyl easier on your feet, heels, calves and back
  • Vinyl flooring makes it easier for you to take on long-standing activities without so much wear and tear on your body
  • Glass dishes, delicate toys, and other fragile items are less likely to shatter on a vinyl floor
  • If you like a little bit of warmth under your bare toes, vinyl acts as a better insulator than other flooring materials


Learn More

It’s no wonder this simple material is making a comeback in a big way. Luxury vinyl flooring offers the high durability, easy maintenance, low cost and style you want to see in your home. Express your creative freedom and turn your home’s floor into a masterpiece! Check out Remnant King Carpet to explore some design options and to learn more. Call us today.

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