Tips to Help You Select the Best Living Room Flooring

You’ve decided that your living room flooring is in need of a serious makeover and now you’re wondering what step to take next.

How do you choose the best living room floor for your specific needs? How do you find a reliable flooring company in your area?

The good news is, this article answers both of those questions and more! So if you need help selecting the best flooring option for your living room, keep reading.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Living Room Floor

First things first, here are 4 things you need to consider when looking at living room flooring options for your home.

1. Maintenance

How much time do you hope to spend maintaining your living room floor? Are you limited with how much maintenance you’ll be able to do because of work or family life?

Not all living room floors require the same level of maintenance. This is why it’s important to determine how much time you’ll have for maintaining your living room floor before purchasing.

2. Durability

How much traffic does your living room get on a daily basis?

This will determine how durable you will need your living room floor to be. If you have indoor pets or small children you should opt for a softer and more durable floor. If you don’t have kids or indoor pets, you can be more lenient in regards to durability.

3. Appearance

Aesthetic plays a huge role in helping you choose which living room floor is best for your particular home. It’s wise to consider your aesthetic taste before beginning your living room floor search since it will cut options that don’t fit your preferences.

4. Cost

How much would you like to spend on your living room flooring?

Price tags vary drastically in the world of flooring. So it is helpful for homeowners to determine their budget early in their search for a new living room floor.

What Options Do You Have For Your Living Room Floor?

The good news is, your options are extremely vast when it comes to redoing your living room floors. Whatever your aesthetic taste, style, and budget are you will have more than a few living room flooring options to choose from.

Some of the most common living room flooring types are:

    • Hardwood: a recent analysis showed that 72.84% of homes out of a 246,930 home survey chose hardwood floors for their living rooms.
    • Carpet: the same study showed that 10.19% chose to have carpet flooring installed in their living rooms.
    • Laminate: polled in at 0.65% of homeowner’s living room floor choices.

3 Tips to Help You Select the Best Living Room Flooring

1. Decide on texture

Texture can entirely change the aesthetic of any room. It adds to the ambiance and completes your living room. Tile and carpet are both textured which makes them common choices for homeowners who enjoy the effect of texture.

Determine whether the textured look is one that would suit your home or not and then proceed to tip number 2.

2. Determine your color palette

The color of your living room floor plays a huge role in how your home is perceived by guests. The influence that color has over people is a topic that has been studied time and time again by psychologists over the years.

When deciding on a color palette for your living room, opt for something that conveys welcome and comfort. More natural tones like gray, tan, and brown generally give off a sense of security and are perceived as very welcoming.

3. Determine your living room usage

How is your living room most commonly used? Do you mostly sit on the couch? Do you have small children that enjoy playing on the floor?

Determining usage is one of the most helpful ways to find the best living room floor for your family’s comfort. If you have small children, you should opt for a softer flooring like carpet or laminate as this will be easier for them to walk and play on.

If kids aren’t an issue and you enjoy hosting large parties in your living room, a hardwood or tile floor would make a good choice. Hardwood and tile are generally simple to clean and durable under heavy foot traffic.

Living Room Flooring Ideas For 2019

Do a dark aesthetic

Contrast is becoming an increasingly popular interior aesthetic. If you enjoy contrast, consider opting for a dark hardwood floor and using white or yellow accents throughout your room to compliment.

Do a minimal aesthetic

This is best executed with a light, neutral color palette and flooring. If brightness is something that you prioritize in your home, go with a light tile or laminate floor.

Use muted, dark tones as accents in a minimal aesthetic — throws or pillows make for wonderful accents. Concrete flooring can also be a wonderful option for a minimal aesthetic.

Do a traditional aesthetic

If you want a traditional living room aesthetic, flooring options like hardwood or carpet make excellent choices. These flooring types lend to the warmth of your living room and are a classic living room floor choice.

Choose a medium shade hardwood or a light brown carpet to give your living room that traditional atmosphere.

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Now that you’ve decided which flooring option is best for your living room, it’s time to get the re-flooring project started!

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