How to Buy the Best Carpet Remnants for Your Home

Considering having a small portion of your home refloored? Or are you looking into making your very own area rug? If you have carpet needs like these, then carpet remnants will be a lifesaver!

Buying the Best Carpet Remnants

If you haven’t heard of carpet remnants before, just know that they will benefit you greatly with your upcoming renovations.

To find out how flooring remnants can be a lifesaver in your home, as well as where to buy carpet remnants, keep reading.

What Are Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants are pieces of carpet, generally under 20 feet long that are at the end of a mostly used carpet roll. Usually, these remnants are sold at a discounted price and used for small carpeting projects or to create area rugs.

While these remnants aren’t large enough to be used to carpet large areas like the living room or dining room, they aren’t a bad idea when it comes to carpeting a kid’s room or another small area.

How To Buy The Best Carpet Remnants For Your Home

1. Determine usage

Here is the first tip when it comes to buying the best carpet remnants for your home.

Before you do anything else, you must first determine what sort of usage the carpet will have once it’s in your home.

Are you using the carpet remnants to re-carpet a small room? If so, how often is that room used? Is it the bedroom of a child, toddler or teenager? Are you using the carpet remnants to create an area rug? If so, where will the area rug be?

Determining how much foot traffic your carpet will sustain is a good way to eliminate carpets that wouldn’t be a good fit for your home and leaves you with a good choosing field.

2. Shop around

Next on the list of tips for buying the best carpet remnants for your home is shopping around. You’d be surprised at how much shopping around can do by way of getting you a bargain.

One carpeting company might not have the color or thickness you want while another company nearby might. Do some searching online to find carpeting companies in your area. Once you’ve located several, take a day to visit two or more and compare selection, cost, and quality.

2. Read reviews

Online reviews are so powerful when it comes to getting a good product.

Read reviews to gauge customer satisfaction and talk with anyone you know who has used the carpeting company you are considering buying from.

3. Ask friends and family

If you’ve done some online searching and are having a hard time coming up with options, start asking your group of friends and family for suggestions.

You might be surprised at the number of options that asking around brings to light.

4. Measure your space

Measuring your space accurately will ensure that you buy the best carpet remnants for your home.

Carpet remnants come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, you want to make sure that you have accurate measurements for your project to avoid getting a remnant that won’t be the right size to complete it.

5. Choose a color that suits your interior

When you are buying carpet remnants for your home project, it is important to take into consideration the interior color palette of your house.


It’s easy to want to go all out and buy this or that remnant because the price is good, but you should always consider your color palette before buying a piece that might not suit.

6. Choose a material that is comfortable

Comfort should be high on your list of priorities.

Buying the best carpet remnants for your home entails selecting the carpet remnant or remnants that you know will be the most comfortable for your situation.

Color and style have their part to play as well but in the end, comfort is the deciding factor on which carpet remnants will be finding their way into your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Remnant Carpets?


Carpet remnants are an affordable way to liven up your home and change up the flooring in smaller rooms without much cost.


Because you don’t have control over what remnants are for sale, buying carpet remnants gives you a chance to think outside of the box and practice creativity. You might be working with a color or style that you wouldn’t typically resonate with and find yourself being more creative as a result.


Buying carpet remnants is a wonderful way to re-carpet your floors sustainably.

Carpet remnants are the pieces that get tossed if nobody buys them. By purchasing carpet remnants and using the scraps, you are preventing waste and shopping sustainably.

How To Find A Good Remnant Carpet Provider

At Remnant King Carpet, we provide only the highest quality carpet remnants for Washington homeowners. Our knowledgeable staff would love to help you find the perfect carpet remnants for your upcoming project.

Whatever the color, thickness, or style of carpet you are looking for, our team would love to help you sort through our bundles of carpet remnants to find the perfect match for your home.

To begin sprucing up your home, contact Remnant King Carpet today to speak with one of our staff.

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