What Are Carpet Remnants — 4 Uses and Benefits

Do you know what carpet remnants are? Not many people do. Carpet remnants offer an affordable alternative to traditional floor carpeting without sacrificing quality or style.

By using remains of carpets to re-carpet a room or introduce an area rug, you create a cost-effective, environmentally friendly decorating solution. Keep reading to learn more about the uses and benefits of carpet remnants.

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What Are Carpet Remnants? How Do You Use Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants are individually cut and wrapped pieces of carpet that are leftover from a much larger role. After a full-sized carpet role has been used to the point of exhaustion, any smaller, usable pieces of the carpet are bundled together and sold.

Because these carpet remnants are sold and packaged “as-is”, they’re usually available at a discounted price. A rug retailer would rather sell the carpet and make some money than throw it away and make none.

Here are a few ways you might utilize carpet remnants in your home:

  • Carpeting the entirety of a small room
  • Creating area rugs that add to the room’s design
  • Carpeting a portion of a room to create separation
  • Creating a throw rug that adds brightness or color to a room

Where Can You Find Carpet Remnants?

While almost any carpet store or rug depot probably has some carpet remnants in stock, not all carpet retailers treat these remnants with the respect they deserve. If you want to buy carpet remnants for your home, look for retailers that advertise their carpet remnants. They’re more likely to take care of the remnants, package it correctly and sell you a quality product at a fair price.


Four Benefits and Uses of Carpet Remnants

1. Carpet Remnants are Affordable

Purchasing brand-new carpet for a single room, let alone your entire home, can be a costly endeavor. The cost of brand new carpet can be anywhere from $2 – $100 per square foot – and that’s not including the cost of carpet pads or installation. Carpet remnants are made from the same quality material that a fresh carpet role is made from – they’re just the usable leftovers at the end of the role. By sacrificing choice and size for availability, you can buy cheap remnant rugs and save a lot of money on carpeting your home.

2. Use Carpet Remnants for Repairing or Replacing Your Carpet

Have a stain on your carpet that you want to cover up? Need to swap out a torn section or carpet for a fresh and clean piece? Look for carpet remnants that are similar to your existing floor. If you can’t find something that blends in, consider creating an area rug to liven up your room and repair your carpet.

3. Carpet Remnant Binding Works Just Like Regular Carpet Binding

To bind your new carpet to your home’s floor, you just need to select the rug remnants you want, get the carpet cut to size and shape, and then bind it to your floor using basic carpentry techniques.

If you don’t know how to bind a carpet remnant, you can get a professional to help you out. If you’d like your carpet remnant binding done by a local expert.

4. Use Remnant Carpet for Extra Pet Padding

If you have a furry friend that sheds, you know how annoying it can be to get their hair out of the carpet. Don’t deal with cat and dog fur getting stuck in your nice carpet. Place remnant carpet down in your pet’s room. Use pieces of remnant carpet to pad your staircase, so your pet is less likely to slip when they bound up or down.


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