Bathroom Flooring: An Array of Options!

bathroom flooring

There are a huge amount of options for bathroom flooring! Below we have listed many of the popular choices as well as some options that are not very well known to homeowners. Take a look at these bathroom flooring options and see which one would work best for you!


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is designed to prevent slippage. The textures this type of tile features create a surface that provides better traction. Available options within the ceramic tile category include small tiles, large tiles, octagonal, hexagonal, and mosaic tile choices. The most popular types of tile are square and rectangular shaped tiles, which also have two subcategory options. These can be referred to as “Consistent Tiling” and “Varied Sizes Tiling.”

Consistent Tiling

Consistent tiling consists of tiling the entire floor with the same size of tiles. Large, consistent tiled floors tend to work well to create a consistent design element.  This choice would be best in a bathroom with a more stimulating design.

Varied Sizes Tiling

Tiling done with tiles of varying sizes tend to create a unique, artistic design element. In a bathroom with a more mellow design, the geometrically creative floor construction adds texture and variation.

bathroom flooringMarbled Tile

The reflective finish of marbled tile helps to brighten and modernize a bathroom. This tile is especially effective when matched with a marbled countertop. The marbled effect also adds a modernizing texture, creating and elegant and distinctive look.

Pebble Stone Tile

If you would prefer a unique tile construction, pebble stone tile consists of very small, highly textured pieces of tile that looks much like the surface of a pebble. The texture pebble stone tile provides does well at accenting the main design elements of the bathroom and providing a foundational design element without drawing too much attention.

Wood/Laminate Floor

Wood/laminate tends to look very crisp and rich. It is good choice for a bathroom for many practical reasons. Not only is it very easy to clean, but, if you’ve decided to use a wood/laminate flooring option in the rest of your home, installing it in your bathroom would create a cohesive look.


Vinyl is historically the most popular choice for bathroom flooring. It comes in sheets or tiles and is very easy to clean. It also holds up quite well under the wet and humid atmosphere generated by hygiene activities.

Carpet – really!

Carpet isn’t generally the first choice on the list when a homeowner is considering bathroom flooring options. However, carpet that is both water and stain resistant does exist! Carpeted bathroom floors are cozy, warm, and inviting. Also, choosing carpet opens up an array of color and pattern options for your floor.

Concrete – Creative Alternative!

Flooring your bathroom with oversize concrete tiles tends to create a consistent feel about the room, as opposed to the active texture of small, individual tiles. However, concrete also provides the practicality expected from the other options.

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