Area Rugs – Add Texture!

The modern trend for interior design has begun to lean toward hardwood flooring these past few years. While it’s obvious that carpet is still avidly used and admired, hardwood floors are experiencing a distinct rise in popularity.

area rugs add texture

Even the most avid hardwood-lover can become discouraged, however, by the flat consistency of the hardwood floor. As a way to differentiate the design and accent their home’s décor styling, the style-savvy homeowners are using area rugs. Area rugs provide a soft look, complementary design element, and are a trendy addition to any room.

Here is a list of the most loved choices!

Common Area Rug Types


rugs add texture

A plush rug is rich, usually made of cotton, silk, or wool, (or a combination of these) characterized by having a soft, long nap.


A textured rug is characterized by interwoven strands of fabrics, creating an eclectic variation of a usual rug type.


A frieze rug is defined by tightly twisted sets of fibers that make up the rug’s nap. Often, this style is referred to simply as “twist.”


A berber rug is also known as a berber “fleck” rug. This type of rug has tiny flecks of color interwoven amongst the main color of the rug.

Cut & Loop

A cut & loop rug consists of tightly looped fibers. The loops can be level loops or loops with varied length, creating texture.


A patterned rug is characterized by a consistent, and generally symmetrical, a sequence of shapes or designs, distinguished by color changes in the woven fibers.

If you find your hardwood floor feeling a little ‘flat’, or simply miss the plush, cushion feel of a carpeted floor, it’s time to go out and find an area rug to liven up your living space!

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