5 Steps to Spot Cleaning Your Carpets


Carpets can add a certain warm, comfortable tone to your home. On a normal day, all it takes is to run the vacuum over them and your rooms immediately take on a clean and relaxed atmosphere. But, with time and exposure, carpets can experience some wear. Food gets dropped, drinks get spilled, dirt is smeared, and slowly the accumulation of spots and discoloration on your carpets can make them look dirty and grimy. Here are 5 easy steps to spot cleaning your carpet so your rooms can start feeling warm and welcoming once again!

Run the vacuum

Make a quick pass over areas that need to be spot cleaned to pick up any loose or additional dust and dirt. This is done so that, when you go to clean your carpets, you don’t end up rubbing extra dirt into the spots you are trying to get clean. Running the vacuum is a quick and easy way to save yourself more work later on.

Spot cleaner

Not all carpets are created equal, so purchase a spot cleaner that is compatible with your carpets. Be sure to test it on a small area of carpet somewhere inconspicuous before you use all over your floors. Some cleaners, if not matched with your carpet appropriately, can cause discoloration, so running a quick test in a small area can save you a lot of hassle.

If you are more inclined to make your own spot cleaner, or if you have an emergency and there is no cleaner on hand, many people make their own carpet cleaner by simply combining two cups of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar. Some even add small amounts of essential oil or mild dishwashing liquid to aid in stain removal.

Blot, don’t scrub.

Vigorous scrubbing can actually damage your carpets even further by breaking apart the fibers and forcing the stain further into the carpet pad. Instead, using a clean white cloth to blot out the stain pulls the stain directly up out of the carpet without damaging the fibers.

spot-cleaning-carpetClean the spot

Dip a clean white cloth into the detergent solution of your choice and being dabbing at the stain, starting at the outside and working toward the center. If all of the stain is not coming out right away, it is no need for concern. It may take time for the detergent to break down the stain before you can remove it with your rag.

After you have blotted to the center of the stain, press the rag into the carpet for a few seconds, and then remove it. Leave the carpet alone for 10-15 minutes for the detergent to work and for the carpet to dry.

Rinse the spot

With lukewarm water, repeat the same blotting motion to remove more of the stain and the remaining detergent. Once it seems there is no more detergent in the carpet, allow time for the spot to dry. If the spot has faded, but is not completely gone, repeat the cleaning and rinsing process until the stain is no longer visible.

It is important to make an effort to remove all excess detergent from the carpets. While vinegar and other detergents will work to remove stains, if left in the carpet they will actually begin to attract dirt, making the spot even more visible. Spending a little extra time blotting away the detergent can save you time and work down the road.

If it appears that your carpets are past the point of no return, or you are tired of having to fight the stains and spills that repeatedly cover your floors, it may be time for a renovation. At Remnant King Carpets, we can help you bring back that warm welcoming feeling by replacing your old worn out carpets with new ones. Or, if you prefer a simpler, more durable solution, hardwood or tile flooring may be right up your alley!


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